Monday, April 4, 2011

64 years of Freedom- 64 years of INEQUALITY and CORRUPTION!

~~ I decided to complete a few if not all the drafts pending on my blog dashboard. This one was subject to solitary confinement to the dashboard for almost an year now! And this is a delicate topic and I'm definitely inviting brickbats and criticism. The door's open! :D

Happy Independence Day! (Belated though!! :D..I just took a Looooooong time to post this one.. It was almost complete but never found the will to finish it..)

Independence from what? The British?

Are we really an Independent country today? For a country which boasts of its equality towards every religion, language, caste or sex and its Democracy, are the leaders of this country removing the divide which exists in people or are they widening it?

Why do we still have discrimination amongst people?
Why specify castes?
What is the need for reservations, now that India has become more open to changes and has a large number of people working from both sexes and from all castes?  There still is scope for a HUGE improvement when it comes to acceptance of people who belong to the third sex- the eunuchs. I’ll write about it later may be.

With an increasing number of people getting educated, employed and who understand that the country needs to evolve, grow and develop, so they can too, don’t you think the constitution has to undergo some changes. What better than to get rid of this cancerous growth called Reservation from our system?
While I sometimes feel happy that a few make good use of Reservation by putting their heart into their studies and doing justice to the Government’s initiative, I detest it “MOST” times when I look at students who attend classes just for the sake of their attendance, so they can get their scholarship fees which almost always turns into beer bottles by the end of the week. The cycle just continues. And some of these students are from really well-to-do families, each with dozens of acres and farms and shops and a healthy business. Doesn’t their conscience ask them why they aren’t spending their money on their kids’ education and growth, when they actually can?

Isn’t the Government creating a divide by classifying  the common man as SC/ST/OC or WHATEVER!??  My initial few days at college were spent just by filling forms which asked me about my caste, religion and sex. During that process, I learnt that a good friend of mine was a Scheduled Cast, SO WHAT?

Reservations are alright if the government checks on the  background of a person before awarding it. If a person is not well to do, irrespective of what caste/sex/religion he/she is, reservations can be awarded.  Merely, showing his/her caste to procure a reservation is madness.  Whatever happens to the equality mantra? No wonder clashes between sections of the society still exist! I’ve never thought about what caste or religion before making friends. How does it differentiate people? It does not! People differentiate themselves. And by emphasizing on different castes, and dissecting the population between a whole lot of unwanted caste and creed, the government is actually keeping the tradition alive, where an upper caste person thinks twice before interacting with one from a lower caste. The lower caste hates the upper caste and it goes on.
          I, right now hate myself for using the caste examples. I never do, but it was necessary. 

FCI go-downs in Bihar have over 100 Quintals of rice rotting and going waste. All this, in a country where the poor die of hunger.
A below poverty line family is entitled to 15 Kilograms gets 13 kilos of  subsidised rice and 2 kilos of rotten rice. 2 kilos of rotten rice is “COMPULSORY”!! Compulsory? Some use this as cattle food and for some, it’s a choice between an empty stomach and rotten rice.

Today(4th Apr 2011), Anna Hazare brought forth the “Lokpal bill”(click to read more about it) issue again, asking for it to be implemented. He’s going to start an indefinite hunger fast until it is implemented.  Just like the Ombudsman institution which is highly practiced in the Scandinavian countries, the Lokpal enables the body to investigate into any complaint either through the government or a private investigating organisation. The Lokpal will have total control over corruption and promises transparency within the Political, Organisational and any circuit where fraud and crime can be committed.

Wishing for a better India by the next Independence Day! No matter how much corrupt the politicians are, how many leeches exist within our society, we will always hold our heads high while calling ourselves Indian. Imagine the amount of pride we would gain when we belong to a new India which truly treats everyone equally, which makes proper use of the taxes deducted from the hard earned money and is led by a solid unit with exemplary visions. I wish!



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Anonymous said...

I cudnt agree more wid u, d reservation system based on caste is just making the gulf wider between the SC/ST/OBC and d general castes. I mean wen someone sees a less deserving student getting into a college he falid to get into even though his marks have been higher, sue me for saying dis, but he starts hating d other one for his caste.
Wen reservation based on caste was first enacted it was given a limited time(I forgot d year maybe in d 70's) not meant to go on like this forever. Its not equality, its about votebank.

RoHiT Iyer said...

First off-- Wooohoo! The first comment on this post isn't a tomato thrown over the internet :P..

Thanks :).. Yeah all this classification amongst ourselves is only widening the gap between ourselves. Anddddd yes! Ambedkar, who formulated the reservation thingy-- warned that a crisis would soon follow if reservation isn't taken off after 2 or 3 electoral terms(10-15 years)...

Raghu said...

Well written man..

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu---> thanks dude! :)