Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Musical Masterpiece!

The best song ever! Listen to the music and tell me it is not. You might! But to each his own :D... This song's the best for all the right reasons. 

Reasons quoted below the song. Listen to it before you read the reasons :D

1) Did you hear the song? If yes, answer this question. I don't want a no here :D
--->"What did you hear between 3:37 and 3:45?"

2) There are no vocals for the first 2 minutes and 18 seconds of the song. Just  plain ethereal  instrumental music.

3) It's not often that You feel the hair on the back of your neck sway to the music and say "dude, I've swayed enough for an entire year. Can I get a break now?". Yet they spring up to action every single time the song plays. Happens to me! \:D/.

4) The lyrics are superawesexy. Yes! Disagree and I'll find you and punch you in the nose.

5) The last 1 minute and 50 seconds of the song is filled with instrumental music which is pure awesomeness! I feel myself drown into a nether-realm. I don't see the seconds hand of the clock move when this part of the song plays. It almost feels like time pauses while the last 2 minutes play. 

   This song clearly overshadows any other song on my personal top 10 ever. There's never a day that goes without me listening to it. I listen to this one, even on the crappiest of days. Days which hold no promises and days when I know there'll be no one to talk to/interact with. The gloomiest of days and the happiest of days. Days don't matter. This song JUST PLAYS! And it owns every other song.

Answer to Reason no#1- - -> Did you hear the singer say "She's got the Mercedes Benz"??
No he didn't. He sang "She's got the Mercedes Bends!!". 

So much for innovation and improvements other songs try bringing into themselves. This song totally makes them look like newbies. Makes the song even more awesome!


~~Day 16 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)

Edit:  Made a correction. Changed "talk/interact to" to "talk to/interact with" after Devilzangel told me about it. Thanks!


Devilzangel said...

no i dint hear but i knoe :P(wen i read ur answer i remembered :P)

haha ul punch me in d nose (wtz new:|), ok den i disagree wid u on d lyrics b-) plz pay 4 d nose repair job :p

P.S.:finally i like d songie too :))

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Khushboo--> Yeah you're very intelligent so you understood it when you read it :D.. awesome.. this song is viral!