Sunday, April 10, 2011

Offer valid till Blog lasts! :D

After much filtering, I decided to post just the top 25 facts that most people don’t know about me :D. Chance upon these facts, for they’ll only be available on the blog-o-sphere for the next 12 days :D.
      When I initially started my blog, I sort of framed a few guidelines and one of them was “ I should never reveal too much personal information on this public forum”. But What the Hell!! I’ve been revealing a bit of me in every post, only wasn’t too evident.

So here it goes..

1. My lungs never run out of air when I whistle. I can go on and on for an entire season! :D

2. Many people think I’m a really fast runner, may be cos I am an adventure freak and play a lot of outdoor games, and actually play them well. But the fact is I totally suck at running. I keep having these nightmares about me tripping myself and chipping a couple of teeth while running a race.
Psst—A little secret. If you ever find me running, shift focus from my stunning face to my legs. I land my legs a little too away from each other so I won’t trip, so much that it almost looks like I’m crossing a street filled with puddles of rainwater. Hop to your left, now the right, left again! :P

3. I can spend an entire month locked up in a room, with absolutely no contact with the outside world, as long as I have a PC/laptop with a couple of nice strategy/action games and a broadband connection :D

4. I HATE talking on the phone. I hate talking, in general. I run out of words pretty fast and most times I’m like “haha, yeah, hmmm, right, really?, no way!, ok, ya, wow-great-ttyl-bye!”.

5. I can’t keep my hands off puppies and dogs even if they’re like really grrrrrrrr kinds. I just have to touch and play with them- a dog bite’s not a bad bargain :D. It’s pretty much a similar case with most animals. Dogs have a special place though :-)

6. I can jump off the balcony of the first floor or 20 feet, whichever is smaller- with no second thoughts about getting hurt :P. I’ve done it over a couple of times too.

7. My stomach turns into a black-hole and knows no limits when I know I am paying the bill. Strange but true! :D

8. I hate celebrating my birthday, though I smile at surprise cakes and calls( I fake them!). I love celebrating my day, every other day!

9. I am a horrible dancer. When the BLUE PRINT was being prepared before I was put into existence, I was equipped with two left legs pointing backwards. Anyone who watches me dance, becomes an instant fan of my comedy show! Fact hain jee .. fact hain!

10. I can listen to “Dil ko tumse pyaar hua”, “Hotel California” and “Sach Keh Raha hain Deewana” on loop for an entire year and I will still love them!

11. I talk a lot when I go out with people I’ve known for a while. They think I’m funny and practical but I wish I really was! Does this fact contradict fact# 4?? No it doesn’t :-).

12. I don’t lie. I play a lot of pranks but the bluffing part normally is taken care by someone else or I reveal it super soon if I bluff. I know! Before you call me a good boy, replace ‘boy’ with ‘alien’ :-)!!

13. I am not completing my bachelors for the sheer reason that I hate mathematics and I hate the system which only offers good jobs to bachelors. I beat that system once and I will again. The bachelors degree is just a piece of paper. If I ever start an organization of my own, I’d even hire guys who haven’t completed their schooling, as long as they have the passion to work and the willingness to learn. I hate companies which adhere to their guidelines and policies of hiring only bachelors.

14. I don’t give alms to beggars who have perfectly functioning legs, hands and eyes. If I feel they can work, I’d never give it.

15. I have a soft-spot for the old in old-age homes and orphans, both who are victims of life’s dirty games.

16. I have protruding teeth on my upper jaw. I used to hate myself as a kid for that. Now, it’s a part of my signature smile and I love the fact that I can bite into anything. As long as it’s healthy and glittering! I’m starting to sound like an elderly person huh? You and me aren’t getting any younger! :D

17. I’m the local secret bank and agony uncle to everyone that knows me well. For some strangely odd good reason, I won’t disclose others’ secrets/problems.

18. I was once given the title “mobile dictionary” by C.S.Ramya when at school. I was quite a dictionary back then. I’m not satisfied with my English now.

19. I share my problems and secrets with nature whenever I go on trips. Not many would have noticed me talking to myself when on adventure trips!

20. I don’t forgive. I do make an attempt at forgetting, not before trying to mend the situation a couple of times. Post that, it’s move on!

21. I can't buy gifts. I can  never choose one. I'd rather take that person and let him/her choose what he/she wants. For some, choosing gifts comes naturally. It doesn't to me :P

22. I can abuse really well. Perfect in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi. I can also manage a few in French and Portuguese. Like the popular line goes “learn abusing before you learn the local language. You’ll know if someone’s angry at ya !!” :D

23. I’m more susceptible to paranormal activity. I have experienced the supernatural a couple of times, which is a hugeeeeeeee number :P.

 24. I have done a couple of dirty things in my life. The one that tops the list is me sneaking up on someone’s email and reading that person’s conversations. I only did it once. One I’ll regret forever. Never give me your passwords! :D

25. I can’t keep friends. I’m too perfect to have any for a long time. This, also is a fact! And I’m tired of making anymore friends. I can count the number of people who have remained friends for over 5 years, with half the fingers of one hand!

Okay! I’m tired now. That was a LOT of intricate blah blah...Dinner time. Bye.


~~Day 10 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Devilzangel said...

hahaaahaaa tht ws hilarious actually lol :p
okie so i knew bout :-? Nos 3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,13(minus u hirin parishrami pple even widout der bach's degree :p),14,15, not sure bout 20, 22(minus portuguese :P),half 23 :P(knoe bout 1 of em :-s) n 25 lol :p.
ermmm seriously ?!? wow haha i guess i'll take anoder 10 days 2 recuperate 4m dis shock @-).

RoHiT Iyer said...

Glad it was hilarious... congratulations! You know a quite a few from that list..

Raghu said...

now got to knw few more points.. almost 70% of it, I knw already.. big deal..:P

Anonymous said...

how can anyone keep ther hands off puppies!!! dey r so mushy n cute!

apart from dat d rest of d 24 facts were honestly hillarious!

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> That's the very reason I said "25 facts that most ppl don't know about me"!! :D .. Big deal indeed !! :D

@ Nabo--> You bet! I instantly turn into the man of steel and dogs turn into huge electromagnets and I just involuntarily get attracted to them and the rest is history! :D
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hey :) found ur blog through 20sb!
We have 2 things, love for dogs, even I can cuddle d dirtiest puppy on street!
And hate mathematics!!! I am struggling with my bachelors for d very same reason! :(

magiceye said...

:) you are an open book now!

Rinaya said...

I've completed my bachelors..yay! :P
And I stay away from all sorts of animals..specially dogs after I got chased by one for some unknown reason(may be he didn't like my face)
I liked the points 19 & 20..and also the fact that you hate maths.. who loves it anyway??
Nice post..must have taken a long time to think...I'll attempt it sometime :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Colours--> A whadaaap and hi5 to the similarity :D.. Thanks for finding my blog :)

@ Magiceye--> Not really.. these were just the top 25 facts.. I'm more like the pandora's box which opens up a new puzzle everytime.. :)

@ Rinaya--> Congratulations to that!!:D.. May be those dogs actually chased you so you can play with them?? No.. this was one of the fastest blog posts ever.. probably took me under an hour.. thanks :)

Jill said...

haha thanks for sharing more about yourself! I will teach you to dance :) #20 I think you'd feel better if you learned to forgive others. Not for them, but for yourself, it's freeing.

RoHiT Iyer said...

Thanks Jill! Haha okies to the dance thing-- Just make sure you make a backup copy of yourself. I've that knack of destroying people's senses when i dance.. so you probably should keep some Alien repellent ready just in case my dancing gets infectious :D..
yeah forgiving is good.. not if that person has exceeded his/her limits. I give people a couple of chances-- not the kinds who shuns away on the first mistake.. No, it's not freeing for me :D.. I'd rather let that person know I haven't forgiven... May be the Alien edge to me, shows when I'm angry at a person :)

Thanks for the comment, Jill :)