Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RoHiT's blogger awards! :D

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 20 straight days and I just cannot express how quickly these days have passed. The day I wrote the first post “The day draws near!” seems like it was last week and uh! This is one thing which will be perennial for times to come- “Hey! Time’s actually flying at the speed of light!” ...

Uhmmm... I expected mixed reactions in me about the blog’s closure at this juncture but surprisingly, I am not! A few hours ago I was thinking to myself about my blog and I was like “yeah! So 2 more days!” and all that was without ANY reaction at all!  I guess that sends a very clear message to Mr. Emotions.. Go try infesting someone else! :D

Now that the countdown towards my blog’s closure has begun with 3, 2 and 1. Today’s day 3 and I want to waste NO time in letting the blog-o-sphere know about the blogs I’ve liked, taken inspiration from and those with great quality of words, theme and efforts!

The first one obviously has to be MY blog and my work. I totally OWN every other blog. Yes, yes, don’t wipe your eyes, or the screen! You read it right: P....

Numero Uno!

BloggerRoHiT Iyer
Blah blah about the Blog/blogger— Oh! So the blogger is me!! **Whistles, claps and applauds!** The post which was intended to be the first one, titled “Memoirs of a drunken junkie”, still lies desolated in the drafts. I’ve never found the interest to publish it, for it contains some horrendous accounts of my past (the fun ones) and I didn't want the world to know of it :P. All of them, which obviously relate to my blog title. I decided I’d be the one who’d read it and cherish it. There are just about a couple of people who know the contents of it, which I blah blahed during a conversation.

Second Spot

BlogTarmak 007
Blah blah about the Blog/blogger— He writes extensively about the Indian armed forces, the IAF in particular. I was impressed when I read about the 26 year project the IAF undertook. AK wrote all about it with such intricate detail, that I instantly hit the follow button and I kept myself updated with all of his blog posts. They are all rich in quality, content and information an Indian should know. Love his blog. I probably am partial to him, over a couple of other blogs I regularly follow, like Devilzangel's, Raghu’s and Rinaya’s. The effort he puts into his blogs is unmatched. It is a must visit blog for every Indian. More so if you are an IAF fanatic! Click his blog to follow and read his dynamic blog.

Third Spot

 Blah blah about the Blog/blogger—She writes her own blogs, unlike me. She started off writing about her air travel experience and I honestly didn’t think it was formatted well, described the way it could have been and a couple of other things. And then, she put on Devilzangel’s cloak and she began weaving extraordinary poems. No hypes! Go checkout some of her old poems and you’ll need a defibrillator to get yourself back to senses. I was like- “Hey, okay! I’ve woven some good poems too. No big deal!”.  And almost as if she heard me, she began writing fiction! And that’s the point she equipped her blog with a V6 engine and zoomed past me waving a bye. My blog was driving an Indian Maruti 800 and I “THINK” I saw her wave. Or did I? I am not sure! It was wayyyy too fast!
Go check her blog. Go through the history. 2010 was a magical year for her blog. Read ‘em all!

Fourth Spot

Three people share the fourth spot and you actually can consider it as the third spot “IF” you think I shouldn’t be including my blog as the first one!! But you and I don’t think alike. :P.. Never mind the order. Let me start off with the person I haven’t interacted with.

Blah blah about the Blog/blogger— She writes a lot of blog posts. When I say 'lot', I mean LOTS of them!!  She writes about random stuff and there is no definite pattern of her posts I’ve noticed! No complicated words. An average reader won’t have to google a word and then get back to her blog. Once you start reading it, you invariably get to the end of it in a few minutes with a wow, nice or a cool comment come outta ya mouth! I haven’t commented much on her blog but I definitely check her blog for updates every week!

BloggerRinaya Jena
Blah blah about the Blog/blogger— I am not quite sure how I came across Rinaya’s blog but sometime in 2010, I came across her blog, read something about her 'Secret Crush' and I loved the way she put her emotions into describing how and what she felt for her secret crush who isn’t a secret anymore :P. I bookmarked her blog and I kept going back to it for updates. I am not really a commenting kind of a reader and so I probably haven’t commented all that much but yeah I’ve read most of her posts and they’re really good.  You SHOULD visit her page and tap into some of her Wandering Thoughts. You can wander too :-)!!

Blah blah about the Blog/blogger— He’s the only person on this list I’ve known personally. So there’s a LOTTTT of things I can tell about him. But knowing a person really well, also cuts down the description on a public forum. Weird, but true! From his blogs, you already know he freaking writes in three different blogs. I must tell you that he does NOT leave his blogs deserted. I can absolutely not fathom how he manages to write at least one post a week in each of his blogs. He started off as an Okayish poet, transformed into a serious emotional good poet and now, he writes great poems and fiction! He’s actually writing a story (fiction) on “Journey Begins” and he already has lots of people checking into his blog for an update each day!!  His works are very expressive, simple and enthralling. A must visit blog too!

So, that’s about it. You can say I came up with this ‘cos I had nothing else in mind to write about! What better way to thank you guys for all those good reads! Keep churning those amazing pieces of art (I call them art). I’ll be watching over you guys. **points his index and middle finger to his eyes and then at you**..

Blog On \m/0_0\m/


~~Day 20 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


sugarmouse said...

why are you shutting down your blog?! the humour in your writing just bounces off the (virtual) page!! what a shame but luckily i managed to come across this page - and subsequently leave a comment - before it's defunct.

Raghu said...

Yo thnx 4 d award man..! Wht a description..!! Thnx a ton..

Devilzangel said...

haha wah wta post :)) m not gonna thank ya :p wich is obv :p
but it is sad tht ur gonna shut ya blog :( :( :(

RoHiT Iyer said...

@Sugarmouse--> Ermm... Well.. I'm just shutting it down :-s :D... May be this will help you

Thanks for the lovely comment...

@ Raghu--> ;)

@ Khushboo-->hahaha I didn't expect any either :D..